In this page, you will find some general information about our workcamps, the short term international volunteering projects we organise in Belgium.

Please, note that CBB only send volunteers who live in Belgium to projects abroad.

CBB only hosts volunteers registered by a partner organisation.

Find a workcamp organisation in your country via our international organisation website:

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Local hosts

All our projects answer the needs of the local communities and are organized for the common good.


They are organized in collaboration with local non-profit organizations or with local authorities. Our local partners recognize themselves in the values and goals promoted by CBB: active citizenship, richness of the interculturality and human diversity, importance of youth empowerment and youth participation.


The local hosts are deeply involved in the preparation and the implementation of the projects. They are in charge to organize the work and to accompany the volunteers in their tasks. They are also responsible to facilitate the meeting between the international volunteers and the community.


It is the local hosts who cover the lodging and food costs of the volunteers.



One or two group leaders, prepared by CBB, participate in each camp and are responsible to facilitate the community life.


These leaders are volunteers, with previous experiences in volunteering projects and who are prepared to lead a group.


The campleaders in CBB have a volunteer status, but they receive a little money from our organization (100€/week) in order to cover their costs. The amount provided to the leaders of the teenage camps is more important than for adult camps and could be compared to paid labor.


Every year, CBB organizes a specific training (3 days long) for its workcamps leaders.

We are also happy to host leaders trained and recommended by our partners.


The group leaders share all the aspects of the workcamp with the international volunteers. They participate in the volunteer tasks as well as in the daily life and in the leisure time activities.


In every project, there are also one or two technical leaders who are in charge to organize and to facilitate the work. These technical leaders are workers or volunteers from the local host. They are mainly present during the working days and do not participate in the residential life.



Teenager projects

CBB proposes every year workcamps for teenagers (15-17 years old).


Teenage camps are seen as usual volunteering projects in CBB. They are a tool used to foster the non-formal and informal learning of the participants.


There is no difference with an adult camp for what regards the organization and the duration of the work.


Like in any camp, the volunteers actively participate in the management of their group life. They decide together about their cultural visits and leisure time activities. They organize their menu and share all the daily life tasks.


A participation fee of 150€ is charged by CBB for its teenage projects. This is the main difference with the adult camps, which are always free of charge.


The money from the participation fees is used to cover:

–          The extra allowance given to the qualified campleaders

–          The leisure time activities of the group


A parental authorization and medical facts sheet are requested from the volunteers who want to participate in a teenage camp.